​"It was an awesome concert. I enjoyed the tidbits of history in between the song!!!!"
- Sandra

"Clearly we are always inspired and lifted up feeling God's presence. We continue to seek His blessing in your ministry."
- Mark and Bill

"I really thought it was powerful when each song was preceded by a remark about the composer. There is such a rich history with spirituals and that came through with passion and affirmation."
- Shae

"I was personally moved by your presentation of the dramatic spoken word. I was equally moved by Michelle's reading of A Message to a Son. I could hear the voices in the audience respond to the spoken word which was transforming for them. When you cried, they cried."
- Eric

​​We received some wonderful comments about Ovation's Singing Our Song concert in February, 2014. Thank you to all for your wonderful support and appreciation!

Comments About "Singing Our Song"

Shirli L. Hughes and Ovation

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