Shirli L. Hughes and Ovation

Shirli L. Hughes is a noted and gifted musician. Her gifts and skills as a singer, songwriter, pianist and arranger, make her a sought after concert artist. She has released three solo inspirational vocal projects and has produced three choral projects as well. She is the proud creator and artistic director of Ovation, a vocal ensemble, comprised of talented soloists who use their collective musical styling to create a sound that is magic to the ears and in heart! Shirli has established herself as a credible, visionary and exciting motivational speaker and workshop facilitator. Shirli is also an anointed spiritual director and her well- crafted spiritual and personal empowerment workshops and seminars are growth opportunities, not to be missed! Shirli’s vision and goal for Ovation is to make music that touches hearts, changes lives!

Shirli L. Hughes Biography

Making Music That Matters